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Contact Volunteer Centre to hear more about the exciting opportunities available in various projects in and around Cape Town, South Africa. Regular information sessions take place at all our offices. Make a Difference…… Make a call 086 082 6873


Our Mission

To motivate and develop effective volunteering through consultation, training, information and placement services for the benefit of all.

Come and meet us !!

Volunteer Centre is a non profit organization which is based in Cape Town, South Africa but has developed strong National and International Partnership over the past 32 years.

The Vision of the organization is “Helping Build a Nation that Cares” – and we believe that local and international volunteers can make a huge contribution in volunteering their time and skills in projects across all sectors – which include Children, the Aged, Environmental projects and many other interesting volunteering opportunities.

Each month our organization welcomes young student volunteers from various parts of the world or travel to South Africa as part of their global educational experience  – to connect with local youth – to experience community based volunteering and a true intercultural experience.

Our Mission

To motivate and develop effective volunteering through consultation, training, information and placement services for the benefit of all.

How it all began

South Africa's first Volunteer Center (originally Voluntary Aid Bureau) started in Cape Town in 1979, as a project of the International Year of the Child. This office opened in 1980, first organised by volunteers. It soon became clear there was a great need for such a service. The Volunteer Center team includes a volunteer management committee, paid staff and many wonderful volunteers.

Link to the last Annual Report 2012.

Help us to maintain this incredible momentum of service in our community projects by contacting Volunteer Centre at :

Physical Address:   124, Belvedere Road, Claremont  
Telephone Number:  +27 21 674 5338

Host family experience having volunteers in their home

By Jack and Alma Anslow, Canada

We both found the experience with the volunteers very beneficial especially the contact with our grandchildren. We had the opportunity to have many of the group at our house on several occasions, in most cases with other members of our family. We found Lebo a joy to have living with us. She was always willing to share her experiences in Sooke and the other contacts she had while she was here.

My volunteer experience in YLA exchange program 2012/2013

By Kate Reinhart

I am a 24 year old female from Canada, and grew up on a dairy farm. In the past six months of living in Bonnievale (South Africa) and Sooke (Canada). I don’t think that I have ever grown and learned so much as I did on this program. I feel so privileged to have had this opportunity, and can only hope that Volunteer Centre and Canada World Youth will continue to run programs such as these.

Pimp my school project

“A beautiful environment creates and develops beautiful people” Jim Madiba

YLA program - Youth Exchange Program

“We are the change we have been waiting for”.  Barrack Obama

Since 2004 Volunteer Centre in partnership with Canada World Youth has been hosting a 6 month intercultural exchange program. Each year the program recruits youth between the ages of 18 – 24 years old from different parts of South Africa. In the past, we have had intercultural exchange program usually happens between;
1. South Africa and Canada
2. South Africa and Mozambique
3. South Africa and Tanzania (with a mixture of Kenya youth)
4. South Africa and Ghana

South Africa through the eyes of Canadian Students

Taken from letters of international volunteers from the Ottawa University in Canada…

Try everything you can; take public transport; even try third class on the train; go out for drinks after work; talk to everyone you meet; be yourself; have an amazing adventure; listen to the people of South Africa, they have incredible stories to tell and lastly – Your experience will only be as good as make it, you will get out what you put in.

Interns exploring the world through Volunteering!

Just when you think that your studies are becoming a bit of a drag and all you want to do is just get done with your course work and start earning a living, your lecturer tells you that as part of your course you have to do 3 months of volunteering and the volunteering is to be done in another continent; but there was no regret when we decided on Africa and experienced South Africa because of Volunteer Centre.

The journey of a young Volunteer Centre's volunteer: from the community commitment to the experience abroad

Nikiwe is a 22 year old girl who since she was yery young has been dedicating her time by taking part in voluntering activities promoted by Volunteer Centre.
Her story is one of social commitment and learning developing between her country, South Africa, Canada and Iceland...

To read the interview to Nikiwe click here

Take Action. Inspire Change

Volunteer centre will be having a special focus on Mandela Day


Make Every Day a Mandela Day

ICYE Newsletter 25th issue

Welcome to the 25th issue of “Worlds of Experience” dedicated to the European
Year of Volunteering and the IYV+10.

Half way through this crucial year, and ten years after the UN International Year of
Volunteers (2011), it is encouraging to note that volunteering is much more visible
on the agenda of international organisations, governments and civil society
organisations. However, we hope that the impact of this year, particularly when it
comes to overcoming barriers to youth mobility and to supporting the efforts
needed to document the benefits and assessing the impact of volunteering, to give
it recognition and explore realistic ways to certify and accredit achievements, will
become a sustained progress beyond 2011!

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